How To Install MachTv On Roku? – Kodi-Kwiz


MachTV offer subscription for Roku under which users can stream over 250 live HD channels, 1200 movies, 200 TV series and various social networks. MachTV forms a power packed entertainment for all the users. We are here to explain the process of installing MachTV on roku here. The process is pretty similar for Kodi.

Installing MachTV on KODI is not a rocket-science. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:-

  1. First, you are required to create an account at ‘’. If you already have an account, log in.
  2. After successful login, click on ‘Manage Account’. Further, tap on ‘Add a Private Channel’.
  3. You will now be required to enter the channel code. Insert the channel code to add a public channel, a private channel or a beta channel to your Roku account.
  4. The last will implement on your Roku player device. Before that, you have to update your Roku device. To update your Roku, click on Settings and then go to System. Choose System Update and click on ‘Check now’. After the successful update, you will notice MachTV channel icon the Roku home screen.
  5. You are all set. We want you to know that offers a subscription to the MachTV network.

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How To Fix KODI YouTube Daily Limit / Quota Exceeded? – Kodi-Kwiz


Is it accurate to say that you are getting that irritating KODI YouTube daily limit exceeded error? You may think about whether YouTube really has a point of confinement or potentially I haven’t utilized it that much, why am I getting this cracking blunder?

Obviously, with the every one of the recordings being transferred and observed each day, there really is a cap put by Google (which possesses YouTube) for KODI clients. It depends on the API utilization and most KODI clients will have similar API in their settings in light of the fact that everybody might be utilizing the developer’s API.

Along these lines, you will have to make and enter your very own API keys to really settle the API top issue. A comparable thought resembles getting off a family design of 4 individuals with 15-20 gig web information, down to a solitary arrangement with a similar measure of information, better right? It is many strides to take after; however, it will permanently settle that irritating issue!

How To Fix KODI YouTube Daily Limit/Quota Exceeded


Procedure To Fix YouTube’s Quota Exceeded

1. Set up a  project in Google Cloud Console

  • Open Google Cloud Platform
  • Tap on ‘Project’, which is located on the top bar
  • Choose ‘Create Project’
  • Give the title to your ‘New Project’ and tap on Create.

2. Enable YouTube Data API

  • We must now enable YouTube Data API
  • Tap the menu button (3 horizontal bar, left upper corner)
  • Choose API Manager and then click on Library.
  • Choose YouTube Data API
  • Select Enable

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3. Creating API Key, Credential Stuff

  • You will locate Credentials, on the left side of the menu
  • Choose ‘Create Credentials’ and further choose ‘API Key’ on the right page
  • A window will pop up with a 39 character string of numbers and letters, copy and paste it somewhere, label it API key for later
  • Choose to Create credentials again and further click on OAuth Client ID
  • Tap Configure consent screen on the right
  • Under “Product name is shown to users” type KODI, Select Save
  • Choose Other under “Application type”
  • Choose “Create” and you will be given two new keys: a “client ID”, a 45-character series of numbers and letters took after by “”. Duplicate this to your reference document, removing “” and marking the key “Client ID” for reference. You will likewise get a “Client Secret”, which is a 24-character series of letters and numbers. Duplicate this to your document, naming it “Client Secret” for reference.

4. Paste key information into YouTube

  • Now you are required to launch YouTube in KODI.
  • Sign In (You may need to active YouTube)
  • Enter the code by opening ‘’
  • Afterwards, select settings and tap on API. Choose Select Enable Personal API Keys
  • Enter all the keys made earlier
  • WABAM, finito

We have successfully followed all the steps. We hope that it should rectify your KODI YouTube quota exceeded error.


How To Install Vader Streams On KODI? – Kodi-Kwiz


With exceptionally dependable streams and incredible help, Vader Streams has developed such a strong notoriety. Vader Streams puts out a full brandishing occasion’s control each day for you to check through, and it is a tremendous rundown covering pretty much every game we can consider. They cover some awesome US/UK/CAN substance obviously, yet it is not just about the games by any methods. It is the ideal add-on if KODI is your preferred video player and they have an abundance of substance. Here we are with the brief guide to install Vader Streams on KODI.

We have been checking the help side of things and can affirm the group is master dynamic and responsive and it is awesome to see those finding better approaches to enhance their administration for their clients. In the add-on settings, you do get the alternative to pick servers. It merits attempting another more subtle server until you discover one that you are content with.

Vader Streams have now propelled a web program watcher for every one of their streams, which you can watch by means of the PLAYER. This enables you to watch your substance wherever you are on essentially any gadget including mobiles, Xbox One and PS4. You can likewise see by means of the Perfect Player APK too, which is additionally an awesome alternative.

Steps To Install Vader Streams On KODI

  1. Open KODI and proceed to Systems. Further, choose File Manager and click on Add Source.
  2. Choose None and enter the exact URL ‘’ and click Done.
  3. You will now encounter with the box underneath. Type ‘Vader’ and tap on OK.
  4. Proceed back to your Home Screen and again choose Systems.
  5. Choose add-ons and click on ‘Install from zip file’.
  6. Select Vader and click on ‘’. Further, choose ‘’.
  7. Wait for add-on enabled notification. Later, click on ‘install from repository’.
  8. Tap on ‘ add-ons’.
  9. Choose video add-ons and select ‘Vader-Streams©’
  10. Install it. Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  11. The installation is now completed. To proceed, you must enter your credentials.
  12. Go back to your home screen. Choose Videos and click on add-ons.
  13. Tap on ‘Vader-Streams©’
  14. You will see a pop-up stating ‘Please reconfigure plugin’. Click on OK.
  15. You will now be able to add your Username and Password.
  16. Choose EPG Groups and check ALL GROUPS EXCEPT LIVE SPORT.
  17. Voila! Vader configuration is now completed.

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Vader Streams now have a superb VOD area covering motion pictures and TV appears on all gadgets including MAG. This is a fine expansion to an effective first class benefit. When installing the add-on it will likewise actuate the Simple IPTV Client in KODI, which will give you a standout amongst other EPG’s (TV guide), we have seen on KODI up until now. You can deactivate this alternative in the add-on settings. In the event that you are utilizing a construct, you might need to add easy routes to the live TV control that has now actuated.


KODI Easy Advanced Setting Explained – Kodi-Kwiz


We all are aware of the fact that is KODI is loved by the users because of its ability to allow users to install additional add-ons. Today, the add-on, which we will be discussing, is ‘Easy Advanced Settings’. You might wonder, about the specialty of this add-on and we will give you enough reasons to install this one. If you are an Android user, then you might be aware how rooting your Android device complete change your experience. There is a similar case with this add-on. The main reason to prefer this addon is that of its ability to fix buffering issues on KODI. Before proceeding further, we will like to brief you with some of the features of this add-on.


Features Of Easy Advanced Setting Add-On

  • Audio/ Video playback settings: With this alternative, you can roll out some extraordinary improvements to your sound and video players. Say for instance you can alter the subtitle delay, sound postponement, quick forward speed and substantially more.
  • Troubleshoot settings: With this alternative, the addon itself will have the knowledge to settle some minor issues by investigating itself.
  • Photos settings: Here you can make a few settings like a slide appear, photograph pivots, alter and other fundamental things.
  • Remote control settings: With this choice, we can alter the remote delay or repeat timings.

There are lot more options in easy advanced settings add-ons which you can explore. Related Articles  How To Install MachTv On Roku?

Method To Install KODI Easy Advanced Setting

  1. Open the settings in your KODI and choose File Manager to add source.
  2. To add the file path of the add-on, click on add-source.
  3. Click on the ‘None’ option. Now enter the URL as ‘’ in the pop-up window.
  4. Enter the desired name and click OK.
  5. Proceed to the homepage and choose add-ons. We are required to install the zip file.
  6. Tap on the folder, which you have assigned in Step 4.
  7. Choose Programs-add-ons from the list of folders.
  8. Tap on the system settings and click on ‘’.
  9. Wait for the installation to complete. Once done, you will be notified at the top.

Method To Fix Buffering With Easy Advanced Setting

  1. On the KODI homepage, click on add-ons and further Program add-ons. Choose Easy Advance Setting add-on.
  2. In order to fix KODI buffering issues, choose ‘Edit Settings’.
  3. Choose ‘Network Settings’ in the next window and further choose ‘Network’.
  4. This step will require you to optimize the KODI cache. Default settings of KODI do not allocate any memory for the cache and we will change that.
  5. Since you must have noticed seven options, disabled we need to make changes in three of them. We are going to allocated 50GB for the cache memory.
  6. First, click on cachemembuffersize and enter the value as 419430400 and hit done. We got 419430400 by converting 50GB into bits.
  7. Now click on buffermode and set the value to 1.
  8. Finally, set readbufferfactor to 20.

We have followed the above procedure in order to allocate more space for the cache memory in order to give you a smooth experience while streaming your favorite movie or TV shows. While streaming, lots of data is consumed and it gets stored in your device as a cache. Eventually, it gets to pile on and makes it difficult for the system to process. In addition, there are add-ons, which run in the background and affect the system performance. This also leads to buffering in KODI. By allocating more memory to cache size, your buffering issue must be solved. If you are still facing buffering issues, then there might be a problem with your ISP.


How To Install I4ATV DX On KODI? – Kodi-Kwiz


For those searching for IPTV channels, look no more remote than the i4aTV dx add-on. This one is extraordinary and has a great many diverse channels from everywhere throughout the world. Regardless of where you need to watch, you ought to have the capacity to frame them here. Make sure you have the F4M Tester introduced to start with, however. To get it, utilize our manual for enable you to download and introduce it today. Since KODI is open source, there are numerous engineers that make additional items for the stage.

They are partitioned into two noteworthy gatherings. The ones situated in the Official KODI add-on Repository are authentic. All others are informal. This add-on is in the second group. It would be ideal if you take note of that we are utilizing the KODI v17 Krypton adaptation of the program. Make a point to enable Unknown Sources before proceeding further.

Steps To Install The I4ATV ADD-ON

  • To first step will obviously require you to open KODI. Further, you need to proceed to Settings.
  • Tap on File Manager and choose Add Source. Enter the following address ‘’ and click OK.
  • Enter ‘SuperRepo’ in the name field and proceed back to home-screen.
  • This time, choose add-ons.
  • Click on Install from the zip file and choose ‘SuperRepo’.
  • Choose ‘’.
  • Now, wait till you get Add-on enabled notification.
  • Click on ‘Install from Repository’ and choose ‘SuperRepo All (Version)’
  • Now, click on Video Add-ons and choose I4ATV.
  • Click the Install button, once you notice the add-on information screen below.
  • Once you click on Install, you will get add-on enabled notification.
  • You have successfully managed to install I4ATV on KODI.

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The objective of this article was to guide our audience regarding I4ATV repo. If we have managed to do it successfully, do share our article with your loved ones. Give your feedback, in the comment section down below, if you have any queries/suggestions or if you face any difficulties while installing I4ATV KODI. Keep visiting our blog, for more articles on KODI.


How To Install MrKnow On KODI? – Kodi-Kwiz


For all the music fans out there, this add-on is developed specially for you. MrKnow TV has all genres. To get this add-on on your KODI, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open KODI and open the Settings menu (the gear icon).
  2. Under System, select File Manager and tap Add source.
  3. Enter and click OK.
  4. Once done, the add-on will be added to File Manager.
  5. Navigate to the home menu and select package installer, which is accessible from top-left.
  6. Select ‘Install from zip file’ and tap on ‘filmkodi’.
  7. Tap on and further select file.
  8. Choose ‘Install from repository’ and select MrKnow.
  9. Select Video add-ons and tap on MrKnow TV.
  10. Click on Install and wait for the installation to happen.
  11. You could locate the add-on under Add-ons main menu.

We hope we delivered the necessary information regarding MrKnow add-on. If you face any difficulties while installing the add-on, you could connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Share this article with all the musicians you know and help us grow. Keep visiting our blog for more articles on KODI.


How To Install Acestream On KODI? – Kodi-Kwiz


Today our article will be revolving around the topic ‘ACESTREAM FOR KODI’. Before proceeding further, we would like you to give a gist about ACESTREAM


What Is Acestream?

Acestream is an application that empowers HD streaming for some portion of live content. You might have noticed links in your add-ons while streaming live sports. Also, you might have encountered an error message if you would have opened Acestreams link without the engine running in the background. This article will guide you about ‘How to use Acestream on KODI’. The procedure for Windows and Android users are different and we will guide you for both. Before proceeding further, you have to make sure that you have installed the below-mentioned programs.

  1. The repository required to run Acestream is; Fusion/TVAddons Repository
  2. Illegally you have to become a host in torrent streaming in Plexus and Acestreams.
  3. KODI Krypton v17 set up is the base for this instructional exercise.

Install Acestream On KODI [Android]

  1. In your Android device perform the following steps:

Go to Settings>>Security>>Under Device administration>>Check the box for Unknown Sources

  1. Now download the Acestreams zip file using the following acestream link:
  2. Once the file is downloaded, install it.
  3. Now every time you start KODI, first you have run Acestream. So run Acestream and then run KODI.
  4. In the KODI, open Add-ons Window
  5. Now install .fusion from the Zip File by selecting the box icon on the top left of your screen
  6. Navigate to the folder ‘kodi-repos’ and select English as your language.
  7. Install the file ‘’ and after successful installation on the top right corner, you will receive an add-on enabled notification.
  8. Now you are supposed to select TVADDONS.AG Add-on Repository from the menu under Install from the repository.
  9. Now perform the following procedure:

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Choose Program Add-ons>>Choose Plexus>>Install

  1. Now navigate to your Add-ons Browser Window
  2. Choose Program add-ons and click on Plexus
  3. Navigate to the Add-ons Context Menu and choose Add-on settings.
  4. Now perform the following steps:

Navigate to Acestreams (from the menu list)>>Click on Acestreams Player Type>>Choose External App + Kodi Player

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  1. Now again navigate to your Add-ons Browser Window
  2. You can now select your add-on with Acestream links.

Install Acestream On KODI [Windows]

  1. You are first required to download the Acestreams zip file using the following acestream link:
  2. Once the file is downloaded, install it.
  3. Now every time you start KODI, first you have run Acestream. So run Acestream and then run KODI.
  4. In the KODI, open Add-ons Window
  5. Now install .fusion from the Zip File by selecting the box icon on the top left of your screen
  6. Navigate to the folder ‘kodi-repos’ and select English as your language.
  7. Install the file ‘’ and after successful installation on the top right corner, you will receive an add-on enabled notification.
  8. Now you are supposed to select TVADDONS.AG Add-on Repository from the menu under Install from the repository.
  9. Now perform the following procedure:

Choose Program Add-ons>>Choose PlexusàInstall

  1. Now navigate to your Add-ons Browser Window
  2. Choose Program add-ons and click on Plexus
  3. Now again navigate to your Add-ons Browser Window
  4. You can now select your add-on with Acestream links.

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How To Install Misfit Mods On KODI? – Kodi-Kwiz


If you are looking for some fantastic builds for both KODI Krypton and Jarvis, then Misfit Mods Wizard is a perfect choice. When it comes to the quality of the content, you will find some amazing work, which includes both Urban and Latino. Additionally, you could locate widgets on the main screen of the build, helping you to access streams, movies or TV series easily. All the main sections are accessible from the main menu, which also includes different add-ons under each category.

Please Note: You are required to clear all your data, which includes all the personalised items in your library (such as add-ons, settings etc.) before installing this build.

Guide To Install Misfit Mods Build on KODI 17 Krypton:

  1. Access add-ons from the home screen of KODI.
  2. Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from the add-ons menu.
  3. Navigate back to home screen and tap on File Manager.
  4. Choose Add source and hit None.
  5. Enter the address as and hit
  6. Give the name as misfits and tap on OK.
  7. Navigate back to home screen and tap on Add-ons this time.
  8. Tap on add-on browser icon and choose ‘Install from zip file’.
  9. Select misfits and tap on
  10. Wait for add-on enabled notification and choose ‘Install from repository’.
  11. Select ‘Misfit Mods Repository’ and choose Program Add-ons.
  12. Select ‘Misfit Mods Wizard’ and hit Install.
  13. Once you get the add-on enabled notification, tap on ‘Misfit Mods Wizard’ and hit Open.
  14. Tap on ‘Continue’ if you get any pop-up message.
  15. You will now locate various builds inside ‘Misfit Mods Wizard’ for both KODI Krypton and Jarvis.
  16. Choose the desired build and install it.
  17. Once the installation is completed, EXIT KODI and reboot your device.
  18. Once the reboot is done, access KODI. It might take some time for the initial boot.

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The steps mentioned above will help you to install Misfit Mods Build on KODI 17 Krypton. We hope we successfully managed to give every detail possible. If you feel we have missed out on something, connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. You could additionally, reach out to us, through the comment section down below. Feel free to share this articles with all the geeks you know. Keep following our blog for more new articles on KODI.


How To Use Popcorn Time Without VPN? – Kodi-Kwiz


Popcorn Time is an open source BitTorrent client that has a work in media player. The client makes it feasible for customers to stream fantastic video content over different stages. The application is prescribed as a reasonable contrasting option to paid video streaming administrations. Under no situation should you utilize Popcorn Time without a VPN? Since the BitTorrent customer uses P2P innovation, the vast majority of the substance accessible is copyrighted. This thus implies you should utilize a Popcorn Time VPN to abstain from getting into inconvenience.

Popcorn Time uses P2P innovation, which means a dominant part of the substance accessible is copyrighted. This implies by review said content you could cause harm because of copyright encroachment laws. Since your IP address is noticeable and your web movement goes through your ISPs servers.


Guide To Use Popcorn Time Without VPN

Presently there is no denying the way that you can utilize Popcorn Time even without VPN. However, it is rash. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you wish to approach utilizing with no assurance, here are a couple of tips to remember:

  • Keep your gadget fully updated regarding the most recent programming patches. If programmed refreshes are handicapped, empower it promptly.
  • Be amazingly mindful of what you do on the web. To be erring on the side of caution, go down your information to forestall information misfortune.
  • Avoid tapping on any advertisements at all. Regardless of how high they may appear, it is just not worth the hazard, unless you need to wind up a casualty of a ransomware assault.

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These are merely yet a couple of steps you can take to secure yourself while utilising Popcorn Time on the web. Do remember however the tips will scarcely have any effect, will at present abandon you presented to being followed.

Why Use VPN For Popcorn Time?

The explanations behind utilizing the best Popcorn Time VPN are many. Aside from shielding you from being followed, it will guarantee you stay protected and secure on the web. When associated with the best VPN for Popcorn Time, you will be doled out another IP address. This relies upon the area or server you chose in advance. Mostly, your unique IP address is veiled with another one. If you pick a best VPN benefit for Popcorn Time, you will come to acknowledge there is nothing for you to stress over. Moreover, your entrance is limited to yourself alone, which means no other outsider organization will approach your record.

Then again, the extra advantage of utilizing Popcorn Time with a VPN is that you will increase unlimited access to the web. Since you can associate with the same number of servers as you like from various locales, you can access content mainly made for that area especially. Geo-limitations are an unfortunate reality these days. However, they can be overwhelmed with the assistance of a VPN.

Access Popcorn Time on Different Devices

Popcorn Time is accessible crosswise over various stages, for example, Android, Mac, iPhone and the iPad. On the off chance that you are considering how to get it for said gadgets, take after these guidelines.

Popcorn Time for iPad

Not at all like Android, you should take various strides to get Popcorn Time on your iPad. Go to Popcorn Time, and after that make the guidelines given there in respect utilizing iOS Installer to get Popcorn Time for your iPad.

Popcorn Time for iPhone

Getting Popcorn Time on iPhone is the same as getting it on iPad. Visit Popcorn Time, utilize the iOS installer to get Popcorn Time by following the directions given to understand it on your iPhone.

Popcorn Time for Android

To get Popcorn Time for Android, you should merely to visit the Play Store. Scan for ‘Popcorn Time’ and introduce the application.

Popcorn Time for Mac

You should adopt an alternate strategy to get Popcorn Time for Mac. You can download and introduce the application from Popcorn Time’s website.


How To Install URLResolver KODI Add On? – Kodi-Kwiz


The URLResolver KODI add-on works out of sight to enhance your KODI encounter on practically every mainstream KODI add-on. The URLResolver KODI reliance has been refreshed, which fixes different resolvers that most KODI add-ons use to pull in gushing connections. The URLResolver KODI add-on works in the background sight of KODI (called a dependency) to translate/decode host file which is required to play the root film or TV video stream In the event that you are new to KODI, you most likely notice that a tons of add-ons utilize a similar record such as – Gvideo, clicknupload, zshare, dizilab which are a portion of the prevalent ones. The URLResolver KODI add-on knows how to explore through these hosts, navigating captcha’s and mainly recovering the gushing document which you see in KODI.

URLResolver is automatically installed with any add-on that uses it, so you likely have the most recent KODI URLResolver update on your device without even knowing it.

Updates In Urlresolver Kodi

  • Every resolver has been looked into and settled, as required
  • Every old resolver has been evacuated
  • New resolvers have been included
  • Simply-Debrid is currently bolstered
  • Google’s ReCaptcha Version 2 is presently reinforced (“I’m not a robot” checkboxes)
  • New strategy for improving ReCaptcha has been included
  • FilePup’s resolver has been refreshed to a hoster upheld technique (which means less incessant breakage)
  • Simplification in all cases to make including resolvers simpler

You can see URLResolver settings and set things like need and premium records up by exploring SYSTEM > Add-ons > SYSTEM > Dependencies > URLResolver > Configure. Related Articles  How To Install MX Player On Firestick?

How To Install And Update Kodi Url Resolver?

Here, we will examine how to download and update the URL Resolver in your KODI application. Along these lines, take after the beneath steps painstakingly to install KODI URL Resolver add-on.

  1. Make sure you have pre-downloaded the zip file from, on your device.

  1. Now launch KODI and directly proceed to add-ons menu.
  2. Tap on Package Installer icon and choose ‘Install from zip file’.
  3. Select the file you downloaded earlier. Wait for the add-on to install.
  4. Navigate back to your homepage and tap on the gear symbol. Choose System settings.
  5. Make the system settings as Advance or Standard, if it is pre-set to Basic.
  6. Navigate to add-ons and choose ‘Manage dependencies’.
  7. Then, scroll down and tap on URL Resolver add-on. Tap on Update to start the Update of the add-on.
  8. Presently, pick the desired version to finish Updation process.
  9. At long last, your URL Resolver add-on begins updating on your gadget.

T0mmo is the person who made the first form of URL Resolver for KODI. In any case, later it exchanges to Eldorado of TV add-ons. Presently it is running under TKnorris and Lambda. The URL Resolver was as of late revised entirely by TKnorris to make it resolving video.

We trust the data on URLRESOLVER KODI ADD-ON was valuable to you.