How To Watch Avengers Infinity War On Kodi?

Avengers: Infinity War, has grabbed the position of highest grossed movie on the weekend in many countries. The most ambitious crossover, involving 76 characters from Marvel Universe who come together to fight the most badass villain they’ve come across. Now, being a Kodi user you can access the Infinity War movie but I if you’re a true Marvel fan, I won’t recommend you doing it. Let me explain how you can access Infinity War on Kodi and give you reasons to not go for it.

Those who’ve been using Kodi since long time, must be knowing how addons make their life simple. There are many addons for streaming movies on Kodi. These addons usually extract the content from torrent sources and stream on Kodi. The law of piracy states that any movie that has been released is bound to get pirated within a day. Hence, through various movie streaming addons on Kodi, you can stream Infinity War.

Before go proceed, I’d like to stop you. There are handful of reasons I’d like to present. First, we all should say no to piracy. That’s undeniably an old school excuse but needs to be stated regardless. But you would agree to fact that the movie available to stream right now would be of shittiest quality & doesn’t deserve your time. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, as a human it is a horrible thing to experience; watching such a poor quality movie.

Now I’m a Marvel fan and I would definitely recommend you to watch the Avengers: Infinity War in theatre because I need you to understand that it took 16 movies to build up the story and Infinity War is conclusion to all of it. Even if you haven’t seen any of those 16 movies, you can still watch Infinity War & I promise that you’ll get a gist of what’s happening & why as the filmmakers have cleverly inserted the quick plot of 16 movies in a couple of lines of narration. That’s all from my side. Cheers! Related Articles – How To Fix KODI No Stream Available?

Hulu Key Expired | How To Fix?

While using Hulu, you might have encountered with an error ‘Playback Failure. The server key used to start the playback application has expired. Please try restarting the application.’ In this article, we will help you by providing a simple fix for this problem.

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Fix Hulu Playback Failure

  1. First of all, go into PlayStation backup records and erase the saved Hulu data. We recommend you not to perform this action until you know the password.
  2. At that point erase the Hulu saved information on the PlayStation itself.
  3. Now uninstall Hulu and erase it.
  4. Reinstall and now it will not have the awful or degenerate information and will acknowledge your new settings and new association with the server.
  5. Now, you should not face the ‘Playback Failure’ issue anymore.

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We hope that now none of you will face the Hulu ‘Playback Failure’ error. If you know any other fix, let us know via the comment section down below. Keep following our blog for more informative articles.

How To Install Wraith KODI Add-on?

Wraith is a KODI Add-on from the Blamo Repository. It pulls in data from the TMDB for all the video portrayal and appraisals. The Wraith module connects to different Add-ons to play the feeds and is an approach to discover video data and arrange everything into one place. Areas incorporate Movies and TV appears in a pleasant design, including All Movies, Popular, Top Rated, and then some. It is situated in the Blamo Repo with the means underneath for how to introduce it.

Guide To Install Wraith KODI Add-on

  1. Access KODI and go to System Settings. Choose File Manager after that.
  2. Hit Add-source and choose None.
  3. Enter in the URL section and hit OK.
  4. Name it as Blamo and hit OK.
  5. Navigate back to the main menu and choose Add-ons.
  6. Choose package installer from top left and select ‘Install from zip file.’
  7. Select Blamo and choose
  8. Wait till you get notified about Blamo Repo being installed.
  9. Now select Install from Repository and choose Blamo Repo
  10. Select Program add-ons and pick
  11. Install it, and it will be located under Video–>Add-ons.


Hopefully, our guide will be helpful to you in installing Wraith add-on on your KODI. If you encounter any difficulties while installing this add-on, do let us know via the comment section. Feel free to share your thoughts on Twitter and Facebook. Keep following our blogs for more upcoming articles related to KODI. Related Articles –  How To Fix KODI YouTube Daily Limit/Quota Exceeded?

How To Install Viooz Addon On KODI [Jarvis & Krypton]?

Kodi users have never felt a sense of scarcity as far as movie add-ons are concerned. The list is endless and I’m here to add one more to it. Not many people know but is a fairly popular website which streams movies & TV series. So any Kodi users, who are looking to add another movie addon in their list, Viooz could be a good contender. The accessibility of Viooz Kodi addon is pretty much similar to generic movie add-ons. Go ahead and get to the installation part. Make sure you follow the respective procedures for Kodi Jarvis & Kodi Krypton.


Steps To Install Viooz On Kodi Jarvis

Note: If you have SuperRepo already installed in your Kodi, then you can directly skip to step 7.

  1. Start Kodi.
  2. From home, move to System & then File Manager.
  3. Select “Add New Source”.
  4. Click on the “<none>” box.
  5. Input “” in the address field and select “Done”.
  6. Give any name to the file which you can remember, for eg Superrepo.
  7. Once done, go home & again open System.
  8. This time go to Add-Ons.
  9. Here, select “Install From Zip.
  10. Pick Superrepo, Jarvis, all,
  11. You’ll get a notification when addon gets enabled.
  12. Then click “Install from repository”.
  13. Select SuperRepo All.
  14. Now browse Video>>Video Add-Ons>>Viooz & Install.
  15. Go back to home screen and then open Add-Ons.
  16. Choose Viooz to start streaming.

Steps To Install Viooz On Kodi Krypton

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Activate Unknown Sources

  1. Open Kodi.
  2. From the left sidebar, open add-ons.
  3. Click on the “Gear” icon to open Settings.
  4. If you haven’t done this till now, switch on “Unknown Sources”.

Install Viooz

Note: If you have SuperRepo already installed in your Kodi, then you can directly skip to step 6.

  1. On home screen, select Folder icon.
  2. Go to File Manager, scroll down and click on “Add Source”.
  3. Click on the highlighted text “<None>”
  4. Now enter this “” in web address field.
  5. Name the source as SuperRepo.
  6. Again go to home screen and open “Add-Ons”.
  7. Click on the icon of an open box with an arrow, select “Install From Zip”.
  8. Now select SuperRepo, Krypton, All,
  9. Wait for the add-on enabled message.
  10. Click “Install From Repository” and choose “SuperRepo All”.
  11. Select Video Add-Ons, Viooz and Install.
  12. Move back to Home Screen and select Add-Ons>>Viooz.
  13. Start streaming!

If you face any errors while executing the above procedures, let us know in the comments.

How To Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working? [Ultimate Guide]

There’s a major issue associated with using free services, especially those which offer online content streaming. You may come home tired with the only wish to watch your favorite tv series or a movie which you were trying to watch for a long time. You’ve got the best movie streaming addon installed in KODI, and you lie down on your bed to finally start streaming. 10-15 min past the movie starts, you get an error, “Exodus Is Not Working” or “Exodus No Stream Available”. I can clearly imagine the level of mercury shooting up in your thermometer of frustration.  Hence, we’ve got this ultimate troubleshooting guide for Exodus not working error. Make sure you bookmark this as this is gonna be handy for future as well.

Although Exodus is kept in high priority by numerous avid users of Kodi, it often fails to serve them consistently. Ironically, too many users might be the reason which keeps the Exodus servers from responding to each request all the time. However, this may not be the case sometimes and it may just be some technical glitch on your end (device). To make your task easier, we’ve laid out a series of methods which can fix the errors by Exodus, sorted in such a way that the solution for the simplest issue comes first and so on.


1. Are You Using The Latest Version Of Exodus?

It often turns out that you’re the only exodus users facing the issues. This is a clear hint that there might be something fishy with either your system or the version of Exodus you’re using. The most effective way to decode this is to uninstall the Exodus from your system and look out for an authentic & latest version on the internet. You shall also ensure that you don’t download Exodus from a shithole place, so I’d myself recommend you this link – while installing it on Kodi. Related Articles –  How To Install MLB Network On KODI?

2. Do You Know That Exodus Has Support Has Been Dropped?

Yes, if you’re not yet aware of it, the official support to Exodus addon for Kodi was discontinued a long time ago, months probably. You might be better off by moving on to some other similar add-ons which have active support. My personal recommendations are listed below.

  1. Covenant
  2. Specto
  3. Over The Top TV

3. What Does Kodi No Stream Available Mean?

Before jumping to blunt conclusions like Exodus is going mad and you need to do something about it, let us patiently understand what the error is trying to convey. Moreover, we’re completely overlooking a severely important aspect here, which essentially governs the whole process of streaming, i.e the Internet access. How? I’ll get to it soon.

  • No Stream Available: We all know that Exodus is just a medium and that the movies & other content are extracted from pirated sources available on the Internet. It is extremely usual that sometimes, these sources fail to respond which leads to Exodus throwing an error like “No Stream Available”. Hence, neither the Exodus servers nor the addon itself is at fault here. Searching for a solution to this will do no good than waste your time.
  • Internet Access: Internet access can be easily controlled by the network administrator. There’s a good chance that the network administrator of the WiFi you’re connected to has installed filters that are actively blocking the sources of Exodus. Even if you’re connected to your own private WiFi network, there might be some default filters, unknown to you, causing the issues.

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4. How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available?

  • Assuming that the “No Stream Available” is due to the content filter & regulation of network done by the administrator, VPN is the perfect fix. VPN can bypass these filters and reach all the websites blocked on the network.
  • Often, the culprit is sitting right in front of you, but you turn a blind eye. I’m referring to your antivirus & firewall system, who constantly govern the kind of websites & content you access on the Internet. Pirated sources all the time end up getting restricted by your firewalls. Simply disabling the antivirus & firewall will solve the “No Stream Available Issue”.
  • Your final shot to fix “No Stream Available” error is to upgrade to the latest version of Exodus if you’re not on it. To do this, you can either delete the current version, download the latest one & install it, or you could turn on the Auto Update for Exodus. To do this you can follow these steps.
    • Open AddOns>>Video AddOns.
    • Select Exodus>>Right Click>>Information.
    • Switch on the auto-update if it’s off.
  • Another sidekick that you can perform is to try your hands on Exodus configuration. While you’re turning on auto-update, you’ll find a “Configure” option.
  • Go to Configure>>General.
  • Here, change the Providers Timeout to 60 seconds.
  • Also, make sure you enable all the providers on the list.

Till now we’ve given attention to only “No Stream Available” error & it’s solutions. But if you’re a frequent user of Exodus, you’re likely to come across different kind of errors at some point. To tackle them, you can directly open this guide and follow the solutions. There are some generic course of actions, which can solve most of the Exodus errors. So if nothing in the article till now has worked for you, I’ll recommend following the below series of surgical methods. Related Articles –  How To Reset KODI?

Exodus Not Loading Error

At times, when you’re streaming a movie or tv series, the Exodus may throw an error while loading. This error, however, hasn’t troubled users since recent updates and hence, the most possible to work solution is to update your Exodus. You might as well reinstall it. But keep that for the last resort.

Only Old Movies Show Up In Exodus

If your Date & Time are off the grid in Kodi, then Exodus will pull content released during that period of time. Updating the Date & Time from settings in Kodi will resolve the issue. Make sure you restart Kodi & Exodus after updating Date & Time.

Clear Exodus Cache

Clearing cache resets the Exodus memory and wipes out any glitches left behind.

  1. Open AddOns>>Video AddOns>>Exodus
  2. Select Tools>>Clear Providers>>Confirm
  3. Restart Exodus

Exodus, at the end of day, is a free resource to stream pirated content. It is slightly overambitious of you to expect it to work all the time. My personal suggestion is to try out some of the fixes which I’ve listed above and not bother the addon any more if they don’t help. There are many other useful Kodi addons, for the similar purpose which work just fine. As a Kodi user, one should keep 4-5 addons for a specific purpose installed to save yourself trouble in such situations of error. Cheers!

How To Install Stream Hub On KODI [Add-On]

StreamHub, beforehand known as Media Hub, is a standout amongst the most prominent additional items for KODI. It has numerous spilling choices separated into segments including, Movies, TV appears, Live TV, Documentaries, Kids Corner, Sports, day in and day out TV, Anime and that is just the beginning. It is irrefutably a convenient extra.

While the Movie and TV links are fantastic, what makes Stream Hub emerge is the capacity to utilise the Mobdro APK. Mobdro is one of the best APKs that stream motion picture and TV series exceptionally well. For the most part, it requires its setup yet is consequently included with StreamHub for any KODI gadget. It is situated in StreamHub from the original menu in Live TV– > Android API – > Mobdro.

StreamHub Add-on For KODI: Installation Guide

In this guide, we will be focusing on the version 3.1.6 of the StreamHub add-on. Since the StreamHub add-on is officially not supported anymore, we will be following the path where we will install it by accessing the backup of the repository and then install it from that source. Follow the guide beneath to know more about the installation procedure.

  1. Open KODI and click on the Settings tab.
  2. Access File Manager and tap on Add source. Click on <None>.
  3. Enter the address exactly as: and hit Done.
  4. Enter the name as ‘StreamHub’ and hit OK.
  5. Proceed back to home screen and access the System tab.
  6. Access the add-ons menu and select ‘Install from zip file’.
  7. Choose ‘StreamHub’ and select ‘’.
  8. Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  9. Now, select ‘Install from Repository’ and tap on ‘StreamHub Repository’.
  10. Access Video add-ons and choose ‘StreamHub’.
  11. Install it and wait till you get the add-on enabled notification.
  12. Voila! You have successfully installed the add-on, and it is now ready to use.

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The StreamHub add-on for KODI, in the same way as other streaming additional items, exists in a protected dark area. KODI does not authoritatively bolster it, and a portion of the substance which it enables you to access might be copyrighted. To be sure, this is the reason the StreamHub storehouse has been taken disconnected, and the add-on is never again formally hosted. This implies it is hazardous and imprudent to utilise the StreamHub add-on without VPN.

You can, in any case, introduce the StreamHub add-on, and again utilize it for streaming substance. The substance of this extra is of high calibre, and it will not contain malignant programming, so you needn’t stress over that. Be that as it may, you should be watchful in the event that you want to utilise this add-on. When you open the add-on, you will see areas like Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids Corner, Music, Sports, Documentaries, et cetera.

If you face any difficulties while installing this add-on, let us know through the comment section down below. You can alternatively reach out to us via Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to share this article with all the KODI users out there.

Borg KODI Add-on | Installation Guide

We are sure that most of the KODI enthusiast are aware of the Jen template, which was launched a few months back. The speciality of the template is that it allows users (with no prior experience in coding) to launch their own KODI add-on.

The topic of discussion today, i.e. Borg KODI add-on also works on the Jen template. In simple terms, this add-on has brought other add-ons from Illuminati Repository under one-roof. Few of the options available under this add-on are F Society, BlockBuster, Shepo, Final Gear, Atomic, Ektos, House of Blue, Star Tec etc.


Procedure To Install Borg On KODI 17

  • Open the Settings menu on the main screen.
  • Access File Manager and tap on ‘Add Source’. Choose <None> afterwards.
  • Enter the web address as: ‘’ and click on the Done button.
  • Name the source as ‘Illuminati’ and hit OK.
  • Navigate back to home-screen and open add-ons. Choose ‘Install from zip file’.
  • Select ‘Illuminati’ and choose ‘’.
  • Once done, wait for the add-on enabled notification. Choose ‘Install from Repository’.
  • Select ‘Illuminati’ and select Video Add-ons.
  • Now choose Borg add-on and install it.
  • You could access the add-on from the main screen.

Procedure To Install Borg On KODI 16

  • Open the System menu from the main screen.
  • Access File Manager and tap on ‘Add Source’. Choose <None> afterwards.
  • Enter the web address as: ‘’ and click on the Done button.
  • Name the source as ‘Illuminati’ and hit OK.
  • Navigate back to home-screen and open add-ons. Choose ‘Install from zip file’.
  • Select ‘Illuminati’ and choose ‘’.
  • Once done, wait for the add-on enabled notification. Choose ‘Install from Repository’.
  • Select ‘Illuminati’ and select Video Add-ons.
  • Now choose Borg add-on and install it.
  • You could access the add-on from the main screen.

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We hope our guide on installation procedure of Borg KODI add-on will help you. If you have any additional information to share on this topic, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section down below. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and be updated about upcoming articles on KODI. Share this article with all the KODI enthusiast and help us grow!

How To Install Likuoo KODI Add-On [Adult Add-on]

The likuoo add-on pulls its substance from the site with a similar name. Not exclusively would you be able to look by classes, you can likewise complete a manual hunt. On the off chance that you are searching for an incredibly decent adult add-on, make sure to add this one to your rundown. The best thing about this add-on is that it gives stream in 1080p and just a couple of streams are in 720p and 540p. Simply utilize our manual which enables you to download and install it on your gadget.

Please Note:  The content offered by this add-on might not be suitable for the minor. We believe that the content provided by this add-on has a high demand and we thought we should write about it.

Guide To Install Likuoo KODI Add-On

  1. Open KODI and access the System menu.
  2. Access File Manager and go to ‘Add Source’.
  3. Choose <None> and enter the address as ‘’ and hit OK.
  4. Name it as ‘Ptom’ and hit OK.
  5. Proceed back to Home Screen and open the add-ons menu.
  6. Tap on ‘Install from zip file’.
  7. Select Ptomand click on ‘’.
  8. Wait for the add-on enabled notification.
  9. Now, choose ‘Install from Repository’ and further choose ‘Ptom Repo’.
  10. Select Video add-ons and choose Likuoo.
  11. Install it, and you are good to go.

We respect your patient reading. We hope you will use this add-on and share your reviews with us. If you want us to write something of your interest, please connect with us, and we will be glad to serve you. Keep following our blog for more new articles related to KODI.

Hulu Expiring? What Does It Mean?

As another month lingers nearer, so does the due date to observe some of your most loved motion pictures on Hulu. The streaming administration has reported which titles will leave in February 2018, and keep in mind that it is an entirely short rundown, there are several essential movies that you should search out. Chief among them is the 2007 satire Hot Rod, featuring Andy Samberg. The film denoted the element presentation of the Lonely Island trio, and keeping in mind that their ensuing ventures like MacGruber and Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping are better, Hot Rod still has its minutes and delightfully strange/senseless jokes.

Additionally, withdrawing is Paul Thomas Anderson’s lighthearted comedy Punch-Drunk Love, and in addition, the 2008 Leonardo DiCaprio/Kate Winslet shows Revolutionary Road, the 1977 exemplary Saturday Night Fever, and the Mel Brooks parody Spaceballs. Look at the full rundown of leaving titles beneath.

  • Ironweed
  • Murphy’s Law
  • The Fourth War
  • Black Rain
  • American Ninja
  • Hot Rod
  • Dangerous Curves
  • Assassination
  • 10 to Midnight
  • Invaders from Mars
  • Beyond the Sea
  • The Perfect Weapon
  • O.W the Escape
  • Platoon Leader
  • Ninja III: The Domination
  • Revenge of the Ninja
  • Invasion U.S.A
  • Punch Drunk Love
  • Revolutionary Road
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Missing in Action II: The Beginning
  • Spaceballs
  • Rudo y Cursi
  • Street Smart


So now you must be aware, what does the phrase ‘Hulu Expiring’ means. If you have more information to share regarding this topic, feel free to reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter. Also, share your feedback via the comment section down below. Do not forget to share this article with all your friends.

Download Xbox Emulator For PC [Windows 7/8.1/10]

Xbox 360 is the best home computer game developed by Microsoft Company in 2005. Xbox 360 emulator is a free open source emulator for the Microsoft Windows that enables the client to play Xbox 360 comfort recreations on their PC. The most recent refresh in August 2016 demonstrated that Xbox 360 emulator for PC could play up to 50 Xbox 360 titles at rapid. Xbox 360 utilises the adjusted x86 equipment which is especially perfect to compose an emulator for Xbox. One who has introduced Xbox 360 emulator can appreciate gaming with the excellent gaming illustrations and FPS (First Person Shooter). With the assistance of Xbox emulator, you can understand playing your cherishing Xbox 360 title at 60fps with no inconveniences.


Features Of Xbox 360 Emulator

  • Xbox 360 Emulator is accessible for nothing to all PC clients.
  • The memory utilisation of Xbox 360 has been enhanced to that of before.
  • It gives you the best framerate, e. 25+ fps with vSync.
  • Allows you to get to every one of the games accessible in Xbox 360 list.
  • Resume or Pause highlight will help you in stacking the amusements quicker.
  • It enables you to spare or load in-game process.
  • It bolsters all the nVidia or Radeon GPUs realistic gadgets,

Guide To Install Xbox 360 Emulator

The quantity of Box emulators has been begun from the possibility of figuring out of lawfully bought devices, amusements, programming and so on that are accessible straightforwardly on the web. The topic of discharging Xbox 360 emulator is to show every one of the general population about the gaming imitating under different stages effortlessly. Any PC client can appreciate all the Xbox diversions by making their titles utilising Xbox 360 emulator application.

Please Note– The prerequisite for this application is Microsoft NetFramework 4.0. You must install it before following the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step will require you to download the Xbox 360 Emulator for PC, which is available on
  • Extract the downloaded file.
  • Click on the Xbox Emulator file and install it.
  • It will ask for the serial number, which is available on your Xbox.
  • Hit bios and select the available file in the bios.
  • If you have the Xbox games ISO file, then select the ISO file browser.
  • Be patient till the game get installed. Once done, you can enjoy playing your favourite game.


For the most part, individuals endeavour to take the energy of Xbox imagining that it would be highly identified with PC keeping in mind the end goal to hoodwink others that the emulator they have is genuine. In any case, with regards to reality, it is merely just an infection which can influence your PC. So one who tries to download should bargain the application painstakingly and introduce it legitimately as opposed to bamboozling others. Xbox 360 Emulator for PC, Laptop is accessible on Windows 7, 8, 10, 8.1 64 bit, 32 bit and Mac.

We trust the guide above will help you in introducing and downloading the Xbox 360 Emulator for PC on Windows XP, Vista 32 bit, 64 bit 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Mac Laptop or Computer. We expect you will appreciate the gaming with this stunning emulator. Offer your contemplations concerning Xbox 360 emulator in few words by remarking beneath.