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As most of the users might know that there no official KODI application for XBOX 360 or XBOX One. However, you could connect your Home Theater PC (HTPC) running KODI into your XBOX One via HDMI. Before you proceed with this tutorial, please refer to the checklist.

  • HTPC with KODI installed on it.
  • You have plugged the ‘HDMI out’ from your HTPC into the ‘HDMI in’ on the XBOX One

Xbox One-Guide Settings

  1. Go to Settings and further select OneGuide on your XBOX One.
  2. Set ‘Antenna’ as your TV lineup for your zip code.
  3. Now set up your TV, AV Receiver, and Cable Box. We will be limiting our expertise on Cable Box only.
  4. Enter the brand as ‘HP’ and enter the following code ‘N1679’ as it works the best. The only problem with this is you have to manually map the remote command codes to keyboard emulation actions on EventGhost.
  5. Once your XBOX One sends IR commands to HTPC, follow the further steps to configure EventGhost.
  6. Now you have to install MCE Remote Plugin and test some channel changes from the XBOX One in order to check what happens in EventGhost’s log panel. Upon channel change, the XBOX One will send the channel number (let’s say 12.1) in the following format.
  • MceRemote.FBFE (1)
  • MceRemote.FBFD (2)
  • MceRemote.Star (don’t have this mapped to any key)
  • MceRemote.FBFE (1)
  • MceRemote.FBF4 (Enter)
  1. Now create Macros with Triggers. You need to create a separate macro for each of the 10 numbers (0-9) as well as “Enter”.  Then, drag each IR commandfrom the log panel (on the left) and drop it into the appropriate macro.  For instance, drag “MceRemote.FBFE” from the log panel and drop it in the “1” macro.
  2. If your IR commands are matching the one given below, here is a cheat sheet so you can enter them all without having to test using Xbox channel changes
  • MceRemote.FBFF = 0
  • MceRemote.FBFE = 1
  • MceRemote.FBFD = 2
  • MceRemote.FBFC = 3
  • MceRemote.FBFB = 4
  • MceRemote.FBFA = 5
  • MceRemote.FBF9 = 6
  • MceRemote.FBF8 = 7
  • MceRemote.FBF7 = 8
  • MceRemote.FBF6 = 9
  • MceRemote.FBF4 = Enter
  1. Now you have to create an Emulate Keystrokes action inside of each of the 11 macros. Just right-click on the macro and select Add ActionOpen the Windowcategory, and select Emulate Keystrokes. Then, for the Text to type, enter 9 for the 9 macro.
  2. If sub-channels are working for your PVR back-end and in KODI, the ignore point 10. Else, you will encounter that subchannels are not working in the Argus PVR Backend or in KODI so you must configure channels in the PVR backend to match Xbox One OneGuide channel numbers, ignoring the periods. For instance
  • 5.1 = 51
  • 12.1 = 121
  • 12.2 = 122
  • 51.1 = 511
  1. This is the reason why you should not have the MceRemote.Star command mapped to any key. This way, the HTPC just ignores that.
  2. Now we will be focusing on KODI Live TV Settings.
  3. Go to Settings and navigate to Live TV. Click on General and enable ‘Use back-end channels numbers’
  4. Now in the Live TV option, choose Playback and disable ‘Start Playback Minimized’
  5. The last setting you need to tweak with is Confirm channel switches. In the Live TV option, choose Playback and enable ‘Confirm channel switches’

We hope our article was able to deliver all the necessary information regarding installation of KODI on XBOX 360. Feel free to connect with us if you face any issue or have any doubt regarding jailbreak XBOX 360. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones!


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