How To Fix KODI No Sound Issue?

Unless you’re a devoted devotee of subtitles, there’s a decent shot you will watch your KODI streams with a lot of sound. What’s more, in case you’re gushing an extraordinary blockbuster through your KODI TV box and endeavoring to augment the advantage of your TV sound framework, the exact opposite thing you need is, well, no sound. So in case you’re finding no sound on KODI, there’s some uplifting news: settling sound issues on KODI is fortunately not that troublesome.

Underneath, you’ll locate a couple of conceivable fixes for settling sound issues on KODI. We additionally investigate why there may be no sound on KODI, which may enable you to abstain from getting those issues once more.

How To Fix KODI No Sound Issue


Guide To Fix No Sound Issue On KODI

We all cannot deny the fact that those sound issues are irritating. There are some uplifting news and some terrible news on this issue, in any case. Fortunately, most sound issues are quite simple to settle. The terrible news is that the motivation behind why you’re having a sound issue isn’t generally evident. There are a couple of purposes behind that.

Reinstall KODI To Fix No Sound Issue

As much as this sounds like a “turn it now and again” IT office arrangement, you’d be astonished by how regularly this functions. Make this the main thing you attempt before proceeding onward to some other techniques.

Upgrade To A Newer Version Of KODI

The XBMC Foundation and KODI’s engineers push out new updates to the program various times each year. Regularly, those product updates incorporate programming fixes that emerge because of a few elements: working framework contradictions, codec issues, firmware issues, and so on. In case you’re utilizing an obsolete variant of KODI, quite possibly your sound issues may have just been settled in another form.

Change Your Audio Settings To Match Your Sound System

This one will expect you to check the sound yield for your sound framework physically. In the event that KODI enables you to change the sound output settings in view of the kind of sound setup you have. For the best stable outcomes, you’ll need to coordinate the sound yield settings in KODI to your sound framework

  1. The first will clearly require beginning KODI. From home screen, open System Settings.
  2. Access any movie or TV show you like.
  3. In the media player screen, click on Settings Icon from the bottom right.
  4. Select Audio and Subtitle Settings.
  5. Make sure that the volume is adjusted to maximum.
  6. Adjust the volume enhancement according to your need.
  7. Make sure to set it as default for all media.
  8. Tap on YES and you are ready.

If you are not certain what your sound settings should be, then visit It gives an entrance to simple setup control given by the XBMC Foundation. In any case, for best sound outcomes, ensure that every type of audio your framework can decode, are chosen.

You will likewise need to ensure that the sound settings coordinate your output. For instance, in case you’re utilizing a HDMI association for sound/visual yield, ensure that HDMI is empowered and not RCA (or the other way around).

Replace Your Audio Cables

In the event that none of the above arrangements worked, you may need to check your cables. This exclusive applies in the event that you are utilizing a KODI TV box or yielding your sound through associated speakers. Check to ensure that the cables are working by changing them out with different cables or appending another sound yield gadget to check whether the sound works with that gadget.

Restart Your Device And Disconnect/Reconnect Cables

A basic sounding arrangement, yet like reinstalling and re-seeding your sound cables regularly settles sound issues.

If  Using Bluetooth Audio, Check The Connection AUDIO

Bluetooth can be wonky on occasion, particularly if different signals are meddling with the association. In case you’re utilizing a Bluetooth sound stream, take a stab at killing the Bluetooth association, and kill some other Bluetooth associations you have going. At that point reconnect simply the Bluetooth sound gadget with no other Bluetooth gadgets running.

Run KODI On A Different Device

If none of those arrangements worked for you, then you might need to change to an alternate gadget for KODI. Quite possibly your gadget’s sound equipment has issues, or that the firmware working the sound is broken or obsolete. Have a go at working KODI on an alternate gadget. In the event that the sound works splendidly on an alternate gadget, there’s a decent possibility the product or equipment on the other gadget is the issue.

Reasons Behind KODI Sound Issue

Device Incompatibilities Or Problems

The exact opposite thing we need is for our gadgets to be the motivation behind why sound issues are there. Tragically, this is regularly an essential driver of many sound issues. Some KODI TV boxes, for instance, are known to have sound issues. The M8S Android TV box, for instance, regularly gets a few grievances from KODI clients about having sound issues with various KODI adaptations. A few KODI clients with the M8S have whined about not getting sound out of the gadget appropriately when utilizing KODI. More often than not, the issue isn’t getting the full profundity of sound they want, albeit some have posted on discussions, for example, the workplace XBMC Foundation gathering, that the sound just drops out, compelling them to restart their TV box.

In case you’re managing sound issues on your gadget (of any sort), the reason could be on the grounds that the gadget is constructed inadequately, or in view of contrary qualities between the gadget equipment, gadget programming and firmware, and KODI’s product.

Incompatible Settings

Distinctive sound gadgets are equipped for decompressing diverse sound codecs. KODI is really equipped for dealing with the majority of these, however, your sound gadget might not have that ability. It’s a smart thought to coordinate the sound settings with what best suits the kind of sound gadget you’re utilizing. This will help you get the best outcomes with your sound output.

Your KODI Settings May Need To Be Changed

Despite the fact that KODI for the most part (and should) work instantly in the wake of downloading, your particular gadget may not be quickly functional with KODI until the point when you change some framework settings. KODI has a decent number of framework settings identified with sound info and yield. There’s a probability that you may need to tinker with some of these settings to get KODI working appropriately on your framework.

Poor Quality Audio Cables

Sound cables are not at all indistinguishable. While you don’t have to purchase the costliest ones available (a lot of research on HDMI cables demonstrates that the reasonable ones and pocket-purging ones create similar outcomes), you would like to ensure you’re not purchasing low-quality sound cables. Furthermore, cables do quit working extra time, particularly in the event that they get bowed and turned on a consistent event.

Older KODI Versions

One reason you might encounter KODI sound issues is that the adaptation of KODI you’re utilizing is obsolete. KODI always updates to new forms. Adaptation refreshes on occasion roll out improvements to how the product handles sound records and rendering. At times, these updates are done particularly in light of the fact that there are sound issues with various gadgets and the KODI designers have worked out fixes that are executed in the later updates.