Fix Android TV Box Not Streaming

This guide will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to reset KODI on Android TV Box rapidly. This is convenient when we are having issues with KODI on our Android TV Box, and we need to begin once again with a crisp introduce without uninstalling the application and after that reinstalling. This is a fast procedure that will pause for a moment or two. Due to some degree shaky KODI additional items that we introduce, it is essential to reset KODI all the time, paying little heed to what streaming gadget we are utilising. It will be ideal if you remember that when you do this, you will remove everything inside KODI which incorporates your additional items, skins, and settings.

Guide To Fix Android TV Box Not Working

  1. Get to your home screen and exit KODI.
  2. Access your Android Settings Screen and open the tab ‘More Settings.’
  3. Access the Apps button and choose KODI option within. This will lead to the opening of new window which will have options menu.
  4. Hit on the ‘Clear Data’ button, and you will now notice that the data size is now zero.
  5. Navigate back to home screen and re-launch KODI.
  6. You should now notice that now the error Android TV Box, not streaming is fixed.


We are now sure that you will not face any error regarding ‘Android TV Box Not Streaming.’ We hope that this guide will be the solution to your problem. If by any chance you face any issue, feel free to reach to us via the comment section down below and we will be happy to help. Do share this article with all your friends and acquaintances – How To Unsinstall KODI Addons?

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