How To Fix Exodus Kodi Not Working? [Ultimate Guide]

There’s a major issue associated with using free services, especially those which offer online content streaming. You may come home tired with the only wish to watch your favorite tv series or a movie which you were trying to watch for a long time. You’ve got the best movie streaming addon installed in KODI, and you lie down on your bed to finally start streaming. 10-15 min past the movie starts, you get an error, “Exodus Is Not Working” or “Exodus No Stream Available”. I can clearly imagine the level of mercury shooting up in your thermometer of frustration.  Hence, we’ve got this ultimate troubleshooting guide for Exodus not working error. Make sure you bookmark this as this is gonna be handy for future as well.

Although Exodus is kept in high priority by numerous avid users of Kodi, it often fails to serve them consistently. Ironically, too many users might be the reason which keeps the Exodus servers from responding to each request all the time. However, this may not be the case sometimes and it may just be some technical glitch on your end (device). To make your task easier, we’ve laid out a series of methods which can fix the errors by Exodus, sorted in such a way that the solution for the simplest issue comes first and so on.


1. Are You Using The Latest Version Of Exodus?

It often turns out that you’re the only exodus users facing the issues. This is a clear hint that there might be something fishy with either your system or the version of Exodus you’re using. The most effective way to decode this is to uninstall the Exodus from your system and look out for an authentic & latest version on the internet. You shall also ensure that you don’t download Exodus from a shithole place, so I’d myself recommend you this link – while installing it on Kodi. Related Articles –  How To Install MLB Network On KODI?

2. Do You Know That Exodus Has Support Has Been Dropped?

Yes, if you’re not yet aware of it, the official support to Exodus addon for Kodi was discontinued a long time ago, months probably. You might be better off by moving on to some other similar add-ons which have active support. My personal recommendations are listed below.

  1. Covenant
  2. Specto
  3. Over The Top TV

3. What Does Kodi No Stream Available Mean?

Before jumping to blunt conclusions like Exodus is going mad and you need to do something about it, let us patiently understand what the error is trying to convey. Moreover, we’re completely overlooking a severely important aspect here, which essentially governs the whole process of streaming, i.e the Internet access. How? I’ll get to it soon.

  • No Stream Available: We all know that Exodus is just a medium and that the movies & other content are extracted from pirated sources available on the Internet. It is extremely usual that sometimes, these sources fail to respond which leads to Exodus throwing an error like “No Stream Available”. Hence, neither the Exodus servers nor the addon itself is at fault here. Searching for a solution to this will do no good than waste your time.
  • Internet Access: Internet access can be easily controlled by the network administrator. There’s a good chance that the network administrator of the WiFi you’re connected to has installed filters that are actively blocking the sources of Exodus. Even if you’re connected to your own private WiFi network, there might be some default filters, unknown to you, causing the issues.

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4. How To Fix Kodi No Stream Available?

  • Assuming that the “No Stream Available” is due to the content filter & regulation of network done by the administrator, VPN is the perfect fix. VPN can bypass these filters and reach all the websites blocked on the network.
  • Often, the culprit is sitting right in front of you, but you turn a blind eye. I’m referring to your antivirus & firewall system, who constantly govern the kind of websites & content you access on the Internet. Pirated sources all the time end up getting restricted by your firewalls. Simply disabling the antivirus & firewall will solve the “No Stream Available Issue”.
  • Your final shot to fix “No Stream Available” error is to upgrade to the latest version of Exodus if you’re not on it. To do this, you can either delete the current version, download the latest one & install it, or you could turn on the Auto Update for Exodus. To do this you can follow these steps.
    • Open AddOns>>Video AddOns.
    • Select Exodus>>Right Click>>Information.
    • Switch on the auto-update if it’s off.
  • Another sidekick that you can perform is to try your hands on Exodus configuration. While you’re turning on auto-update, you’ll find a “Configure” option.
  • Go to Configure>>General.
  • Here, change the Providers Timeout to 60 seconds.
  • Also, make sure you enable all the providers on the list.

Till now we’ve given attention to only “No Stream Available” error & it’s solutions. But if you’re a frequent user of Exodus, you’re likely to come across different kind of errors at some point. To tackle them, you can directly open this guide and follow the solutions. There are some generic course of actions, which can solve most of the Exodus errors. So if nothing in the article till now has worked for you, I’ll recommend following the below series of surgical methods. Related Articles –  How To Reset KODI?

Exodus Not Loading Error

At times, when you’re streaming a movie or tv series, the Exodus may throw an error while loading. This error, however, hasn’t troubled users since recent updates and hence, the most possible to work solution is to update your Exodus. You might as well reinstall it. But keep that for the last resort.

Only Old Movies Show Up In Exodus

If your Date & Time are off the grid in Kodi, then Exodus will pull content released during that period of time. Updating the Date & Time from settings in Kodi will resolve the issue. Make sure you restart Kodi & Exodus after updating Date & Time.

Clear Exodus Cache

Clearing cache resets the Exodus memory and wipes out any glitches left behind.

  1. Open AddOns>>Video AddOns>>Exodus
  2. Select Tools>>Clear Providers>>Confirm
  3. Restart Exodus

Exodus, at the end of day, is a free resource to stream pirated content. It is slightly overambitious of you to expect it to work all the time. My personal suggestion is to try out some of the fixes which I’ve listed above and not bother the addon any more if they don’t help. There are many other useful Kodi addons, for the similar purpose which work just fine. As a Kodi user, one should keep 4-5 addons for a specific purpose installed to save yourself trouble in such situations of error. Cheers!

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