Best AntiVirus For iPhone

Apple is providing a great security for the iPhone to keep it secured from the cookies and other viruses. It is capable of handling all the malware. But, there are some aspects to which your device is available to be attacked on. It can be the advertisements, web trackers, websites or something grabbing your device. These aspects can be protected by antivirus available for iPhone. So, let us just start the discussion about the antivirus available to provide your iPhone a safeguard from the various malicious websites and other harmful viruses.

  1. Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone: –
  • All the usual security tools.
  • VPN with URL filter.
  • Provides a Cloud backup.
  • Ad-free surfing.
  • Premium security VPN available for $8.99/month.
  • Effectively maintains the privacy of surfing.

Mobile Security and Anti-theft Protection for iPhone is one the most popular antivirus available for iPhone. It provides the user the usual security tools plus the VPN with URL filter. It provides a great privacy with safe and secure browsing on internet. Though the premium version contains the finest security levels for your iPhone. But, the free version is also capable of securing your iPhone with lots of vulnerabilities and malware software or application.

It provides you the access to VPN as an added plus feature in this antivirus. We would recommend you to go through the 3-days free trail of this antivirus before you buy. It is not so costly to afford, if you want to stay secure and also keep you iPhone secured from virus, you must go through the free trail for an overview. It’s featured in almost every list of best anti-virus apps for iPhone.

  1. Avira Mobile Security: –
  • Blocks malicious websites.
  • Fast alerts for unusual logins of account.
  • Available for free of cost.
  • Keeps you secured online.
  • Automatic backup of contacts to Google Drive.

Avira Mobile Security is also a popular antivirus available for iPhone. It consists of wide range of safeguards such as phishing protection safeguard which blocks all the malicious websites and keep your iPhone totally secured during online mode and identity safeguard that automatically search whether the e-mail address of your friends and yours have been leaked online, if so then it notifies accordingly. It keeps you away from spam mails and this is one the finest step to stay safe and secure online.

It automatically keeps a secured backup of your contact in a Google Drive, it works by mailing the details to yourself due to which it gets save in a Google Drive. Concluding for this antivirus it keeps you protected with a different tactic of multiple layer protection. So, you can download and use this antivirus in your iPhone via the link provided at the end of detail of every antivirus.

2.  Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection: –

  • Regular security checks for the virus.
  • Full-strength identification theft protection.
  • Reviews have been not so great on Store so far.
  • Premium version available for $9.99per month.

Lookout is another very hyped antivirus for iPhone. It automatically carries out regular security checks for the virus and provides the full-strength theft protection. Its premium version is available for $9.99 per month, yup we agree it is a bit costly. Though it provides a wide range of features to the users, but the reviews on the app store have not been so great. Also, when we see the premium version of the antivirus is not available in easily affordable price. We would rather recommend you to try this application after going through another one. You can download the antivirus via the link provided below.

3. McAfee Mobile Security: –

  • Easy to use antivirus.
  • Media protection available.
  • Anti-theft tools are very comprehensive.
  • Similar to the above to antivirus.
  • Nice alternative of the antiviruses discussed above.

McAfee is a great alternative to the antiviruses we have discussed so far. Though it is also a very popular antivirus and also one of the best antivirus when it comes to securing your iPhone. It is loaded with plenty of basic features like blocking the malicious websites and keeping an eye on data being leaked online and many other things. It is easy to use. Simple interface, user friendly view of the antivirus. A special media protection is available in McAfee. Its anti-theft tools are really very efficient and cool. It is available for free of cost, you can download the antivirus from the link provided below.

4. Trend Micro Mobile Security: –

  • Plenty of features loaded in the antivirus.
  • Developed by a big named trusted developer.
  • Anti-theft bundle of features available.
  • Price is little bit high.

Similar to the that of Lookout the price structure of the antivirus is also not so good looking. But, it is really very popular antivirus among the users which provides plenty of features loaded in it. Also, it is developed by trusted big name developer. It consists of Anti-theft bundle which enables locating devices and finds the missing devices via GPS, Wi-fi or cell towers present nearby. You can get all the benefits of this at the rate of $2.99 per month. Prices might have been changed in recent times.

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