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One of the most popular methods of running AceStream on Mac OS X is by installing Virtual Box and then configuring Windows XP. Evidently, that technique requires a technical know-how of the subject.

Today, in this module, we will be covering specific ways which will help you guys to run AceStream on Mac OS X efficiently. Browse through this module, and adopt the most suitable method according to you.

Method 1 – Use Soda Player

The prerequisite for this method is Soda Player, which can be downloaded from

If you are unable to connect to some stream or there is some lag in loading your video, then you might have to use VPN, as there is a possibility that you are situated in the Geo-restricted area.

Please note that this method works without KODI. If you wish to access AceStream via KODI, please follow the process, explained below.

Method 2 – Use Plexus for KODI

To run AceStream on Mac OS X using KODI, you can go for Plexus. This will additionally fix your ‘Torrent not available or invalid’ or ‘Installation Failed’ errors. It might be possible that P2P Sports add-on does not work for you. You could fix it by installing P2P Streams. To install P2P Streams, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download P2P Streams. It will be a zip file, so extract it.
  • From your Mac toolbar, tap on Go and select ‘Go to Folder’. Type /users/ and tap Go.
  • You will notice a username (with a Home icon). Remember it.
  • Again, tap on Go and select ‘Go to Folder’. Type /users/yourusername/library/application support/Kodi and tap Go.
  • You will notice add-ons folder. Open it and move the which can be found in the file, you extracted in the first step.
  • Now access KODI. Go to Videos and open Video Add-ons. You will notice P2P Streams add-on.
  • You could enter your AceStream ID by opening the add-on and selecting AceStream: Play AceStream hash/ Torrent URL.

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You might face a problem when you select a file, and it starts loading, but you get an error messaging you have already installed AceStream, and you need to remove the older version. For that, we advise you to remove AceStream including Wineskin and start from scratch. You could take the help of ‘AppCleaner’ which will help you in removing AceStream and other components related to it. Reboot your system once you do it. The recommended version for AceStream is which can be found at Now, with the help of Wineskin install it on your Mac device.

Hope, we have addressed all the issues pertaining to run AceStream on Mac OS X. If you face any queries, feel free to contact us. We have a lot more coming up, later this month. Make sure to follow our blog for more articles on KODI.


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