How To Unsinstall KODI Addons?

With the latest update of KODI 17 Krypton, users are facing difficulty with the add-ons. You might wish to remove the add-on because of various reasons. Today in this article, we will guide about How to remove add-ons from KODI. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below to uninstall KODI add ons.

  1. The first step will obviously require you to open KODI.
  2. Now you are required to navigate to SYSTEMS.
  3. Once you open SYSTEMS, scroll down and search for add-ons.
  4. The next step will require you to select the Enabled add-ons.
  5. Now choose the category of the particular add-on you wish to uninstall.
  6. After selecting the required category, navigate to the add-on you want to uninstall.
  7. Now click on the add-on you want to uninstall. Once you do that, you will see many options there. Just click on ‘uninstall, ’ and the add-on will be successfully uninstalled.

We hope our article about deleting KODI add ons was able to deliver all the necessary information. We would love to hear your thoughts. So comment down below for any queries, doubts or suggestions. Feel free to share this article with your family and loved ones. Keep visiting our blog for more informative articles.

Download AC Market APK For Android

We all know all the fantastic applications on Android are usually not free on Google Play Store. Though there are a lot of applications available which provide paid apps for free. In this article, we will be talking about one such application, i.e. AC Market application which allows users to download a paid app for free.

One of the critical features of this app is, it automatically downloads all the games and applications plus installs data files for users. You could expect tons of paid which is available to download for free. Additionally, it consumes pretty much fewer data, and you could customise the app according to your own need. The application is entirely free to download and install. You must also check out the Game Hacker app, it’s on the similar lines to ac market.

What Is AC Market?

As mentioned above, the application is 100% free to download. The application size is 6.41MB which won’t lag your device in the end. The Android version required to install this app is Jelly Bean and above. For installation procedure, follow our guide below:

Guide To Install AC Market APK On Your Device

  1. The first step will require you to download AC Market APK file which can be downloaded from
  2. Now to install this application on your device, ‘Enable Unknown Sources’. If you have not enabled the unknown sources already, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Access the Settings menu.
  • Go to Security tab and enable ‘Unknown Sources’ from there.
  • Alternatively, you could search for ‘Unknown Sources’ in the Settings menu.
  1. Now access the folder where the file is downloaded.
  2. Just, click on file and give necessary permissions.
  3. Once done, it will install, and you could use it to download your favourite

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As of now, you must be clear about the basic working of AC Market. It is similar to Google Play Store but additionally, it helps you to download paid apps for free. You could also download hacked/patched apps from the application. Unlike any other similar application, this app is free from advertisements or surveys. For all those who are using similar apps, we recommend you to try this application once.

How To Jailbreak Firestick?

Can you jailbreak a firestick? There are numerous users of Amazon Firestick who frequently wonder about the possibility of jailbreaking their Firestick. Obviously, they expect some extra advantages post this. But, can you even jailbreak your firestick? Has this idea ever came to your mind? If yes, then you are on the right page because today we are going to brief you about ‘How to jailbreak firestick with KODI’.


Is it Illegal To Jailbreak Firestick?

Now we are not here to deceive anybody and we won’t like to start out new blog with a lie. So for once and all, install the next statement in your mind. “Amazon Firestick Jailbreak Does Not Exist”. Yes, I’ll explain it how it does not exist, but how you can still leverage the advantages of jailbreak in Amazon Firestick. “Jailbreaking“ is a term associated with the acquisition of access rights and breach of security manufactured by the smartphone companies. These are super access rights which allow installation of applications, that otherwise wouldn’t have been permitted.

But, no such activity can be performed with Amazon Firestick. However, I did say that users can leverage some advantages of jailbreaking in Amazon Firestick. This can be done by installing KODI on Firestick. So below we have demonstrated the simple steps which can be used to install KODI on firestick, or in the language of your users, jailbreak firestick.

  1. First of all, you are required to go to Home Screen by pressing the Home button using your Fire TV remote.
  2. Now you are required to go to ‘SETTINGS’and press enter. Now disable ‘Collect App Usage Data’ under ‘APPLICATIONS’
  3. The next step will require you to enable both ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources which are available under Settings because without which KODI won’t allow you to install.
  4. You are now required to return to the Fire TV home screen.
  5. Now you have to search for ‘Downloader’ under ‘Search’
  6. You now have to select “Apps & Games” under search results and download and install it.
  7. Once the app is installed you are supposed to open it and enter the URL and press Go.
  8. Once the app is downloaded it will automatically launch. If by any chance it doesn’t, then you need to manually install it by selecting ‘Open File’ and Install it.
  9. After the installation is complete, you are now required to select ‘Open App’ or ‘Launch App’ in order to run the application for the first time.
  10. After the initial launch, perform the following steps:


  1. Under the Settings which is accessible from the homepage, choose Add-ons and select Install from ZIP. Afterward, perform the following steps:
  2. Once you are done with the above procedure, return to home screen and access PROGRAMS.
    You are now required to Choose Android version of Config Wizard which is available under PROGRAMSà PROGRAM ADD-ONSà Install the CONFIG WIZARD
  3. This way you will be successfully able to jailbreak amazon firestick.

How To Install KODI 17 (BETA 2) On Firestick?

  1. First of all, you are required to go to Home Screen by pressing the Home button using your Fire TV remote.
  1. Now you have to search for ‘es file’ under ‘Search’
  2. Select ES File Explorer in the search result and download and install the application.
  3. You are now required to return to the Fire TV home screen
  4. Now go to Apps and launch ES File Explorer and go to tools.
  5. In the tools, you now have to navigate to Download Manager.
  6. You now have to enter the file path field as ‘’ which is accessible by pressing ‘+ New’ button from the bottom of the screen.
  7. You will now be prompted to enter the name in the name field.
  8. Once you enter the desired the name, download the file and install it thereafter.
  9. After the installation is complete, proceed to Fire TV home screen again and navigate to Apps.
  10. To launch KODI, select it.
  11. After the initial launch, perform the following steps:


  1. Under the Settings which is accessible from the homepage, choose Add-ons and select Install from ZIP. Afterward, perform the following steps:
  2. Once you are done with the above procedure, return to home screen and access PROGRAMS.
    You are now required to Choose Android version of Config Wizard which is available under PROGRAMSà PROGRAM ADD-ONSà Install the CONFIG WIZARD

Alternate Method To Install KODI 17 On Firestick

It might happen that you won’t be able to perform the methods mentioned above so we have got this for you. Follow the above procedure till V and perform the following steps thereafter.

  1. In the tools, you now have to navigate to Favourite.
  2. Click on Add and enter the path field name as ‘’ and press OK.
  • You will now be prompted to enter the name in the name field.
  1. Choose ADD. You are now supposed to find and select the newly added favorites in the Favourite menu. You should now see “Index of /” and list of folders and files beneath that. Choose ‘kodi161arm.apk’ for KODI 17 Jarvis or ‘kodi17b2arm.apk’ for KODI 17 Krypton BETA 2.
  2. Download and install the file.
  3. After the installation is complete, proceed to Fire TV home screen again and navigate to Apps.
  • To launch KODI, select it.

We hope our article was able to deliver all the necessary information. We would love to hear your thoughts. So comment down below for any queries, doubts or suggestions. Feel free to share this article with your family and loved ones. Keep visiting our blog for more informative articles

How To Install KODI 18 On Firestick? [Guide]

The users are aware of the latest version of the KODI 17.1 Krypton which was launched recently, and it is believed that the developers are on working on the new version of KODI i.e. KODI 18 Leia. This article will brief you about installing KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, so obviously you are expected to own an Amazon Fire TV Stick. You might first think that it could be dangerous to install KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, but once you do it, you could gain unlimited access to all the premium channels. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned procedure:

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Install KODI 18 On Firestick
  • First of all, turn on your Amazon Fire TV Stick and perform the following procedure:
    Open Settingsà Go to System>>Open Developer Options>>Choose Apps from Unknown Sources and enable ADB Debugging>> Click on OK
  • Now you have to install ES FILE EXPLORER on your Amazon Fire TV Stick which would eventually help to install KODI 18 Leia.

If already have ES FILE EXPLORER installed, directly jump to Step 3, otherwise follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You are required to navigate to ‘Search’ on the Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Press enter, after typing ‘ES FILE EXPLORER.’
  • Probably the first application with the blue icon is ES FILE EXPLORER. You are now supposed to download and install the application.
  • Once the installation is complete, please open the app.

Install KODI 18 Leia On Fire TV Stick [Using ES FILE EXPLORER]

  • First of all, open ES File Explorer and on the left sidebar open Favourites.
  • In the favorites menu, once you expand it, you will see ‘Add.’ Click on it.
  • This step will require entering the path name. The path name should be: ‘’
  • Now enter your desired name and click OK. Now the bookmark will automatically appear with the name you entered.
  • Now you need to open the bookmark you just created and using Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote open the web page.
  • You will observe many versions of KODI, once you click the Download button.
  • There you have to click on Android, which will eventually open a pop-up box, giving you the details of KODI 17.1 Krypton.
  • Now to get access to KODI 18 Leia, click on ‘Development Builds.’
  • Scroll down and click ‘ARMV7A (32BIT)’

It is expected that download will start automatically, but if in any case it doesn’t, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • After clicking on ‘ARM’ button, go to ‘More’ options (which is there on the right-bottom of your screen).
  • Once you click on ‘More,’ choose ‘Open in browser.’
  • This will be the downloading of KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Once the downloading is finished, install KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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The final step will guide you launch KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Once the KODI 18 Leia is successfully installed on your Amazon Fire TV you can get access to it via the following method:

Go to Settings>>Scroll down to Applications>>Open Manage Installed Applications>>Click on KODI>>Launch Application

The initial launch might take few minutes. Once the initial launch is completed, you will be able to access and enjoy KODI 18 Leia on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Download GBWhatsApp APK for Android

Hi, guys today I have the very interesting app to talk about. This app has become one of the most used and overhanging apps of all time. So let’s talk about this app in detail. This application is none other than the Whatsapp. We use the WhatsApp for nearly every purpose from texting messages to transferring media files as well as sharing videos to calling. So there are always new features are being added to this. But somehow its lags behind the features point of view as compared to its extensions. These extensions or modes are introduced by the developer to explore more about the WhatsApp. The different modes of WhatsApp are the GbWhatsApp, Whatsapp plus, and YO WhatsApp. These are used as WhatsApp but have many different features and characteristics.


•    You can hide blue ticks, delivered ticks, and seen ticks.

•    You can send videos about more than 50 MB.

•    You get many options to choose wallpaper and themes.

•    Download any one status and hide the seen alarm from any status.

•    When you are busy or doing some important things then you can use the auto-reply system.

•    The newest feature is added that is UPI. Yes, guys, you recharge or transfer money with the help of the GbWhatsApp.

•    The status length is about 225 words and group name can be of more than 150 characters.

•    Enabled to share the location with family and friends.

•    Anti revokes messages as well as revoke many messages at once.

•    Sent documents to 100 peoples instead of thirty.

•    GbWhatsApp comes in 100+ languages. So no language barrier

•     GbWhatsapp is built to support and use 2 or more WhatsApp in one phone different numbers. So this WhatsApp mode is especially for this.


You don’t have to uninstall the regular WhatsApp to download this GbWhatsApp – and this WhatsApp can’t be getting on the play store so you have to follow the following steps carefully.

•    First, go to your setting and change the privacy settings. That is enabling the download and installation from the unknown sources.

•    Now you can download the GbWhatsApp from this site or from its official site.

•    After downloading this GbWhatsApp open the file and install the GbWhatsApp.

•    After installing open this WhatsApp and allow all the permissions.

•    Now register your phone number and wait for OTP registration.

•    After OTP registration your GbWhatsApp account is ready for use.

•    For using 2 accounts in same phone register the different WhatsApp number.


What to say about the GbWhatsApp? You get all features plus way more features than any WhatsApp. So you should clearly use and at least try this WhatsApp mode. 0if you are so busy and have more friends than you can tackle them easily by 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone. So use this GbWhatsApp and explore more.

Download Lucky Patcher For Android Devices

A dream come true through this amazing tool that allows us to download and play our favorite Android games and use the app in pro mode or as per our preference.

In this article, we will be studying in depth about Lucky Patcher, it features, how to download Lucky Patcher for Android, and much more.

Let’s get started with a brief introduction on Lucky Patcher

Download link for Lucky Patcher –

What is Lucky Patcher?

It is a tool that helps people to customize their favorite apps and games as per their imagination or desired features. It is not only a tool that can be used to mod apps but also has already modded apps ready for download in their Play Store.

Moving ahead, we will now talk about certain features of Lucky Patcher. The features that we are going to talk about is the all-new updated features of the new and updated version of the application.

Here are the features of Lucky Patcher as follows –

  1. The first feature on the list is that the application helps its users to bypass license verification from paid apps and also permissions in certain apps.
  2. Second in the list is that, if a user wants to install a modded version of the application, he/ she needs to either Uninstall or delete those pre-installed applications.
  3. This is the most important feature as most of us fail taking backup of our mobile phones, the  work and the problem is solved by Lucky Patcher as it takes care of backup for all of the installed applications
  4. The fourth and most rated feature of the application is that it allows it’s users to block all types of ads such as Content ad, video ad or anything as such inform of ads.
  5. Last but not the least on our list is that the application helps in managing different permission for certain apps and doesn’t go and invade privacy in apps that were not given permission for!That’s it from us on part of features of Lucky Patcher in Android.

Now, we are going to talk about the downloading process of the application Download AC Market APK For Android

  1. Go the First step is to Go Settings of your device and allow downloading from  Unknown Sources.
  2. After the first step, you would need to download the file in.RAR format and unzip/extract the same.
  3. The third step in the list is to launch and install the file and run the program. Download and open the APK file.

As soon as the the installation process is completed, you can open Lucky Patcher icon placed on the home screen,  you can now start using it!

Note: Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Play Store and also requires rooting of your device in the process of installation. The rooting and unavailable app download can put you behind the prison and as well as take your phone out of warranty.

Thank you for reading this article, and let us know via comments section if we have missed out on anything.

Fix Android TV Box Not Streaming

This guide will demonstrate to you generally accepted methods to reset KODI on Android TV Box rapidly. This is convenient when we are having issues with KODI on our Android TV Box, and we need to begin once again with a crisp introduce without uninstalling the application and after that reinstalling. This is a fast procedure that will pause for a moment or two. Due to some degree shaky KODI additional items that we introduce, it is essential to reset KODI all the time, paying little heed to what streaming gadget we are utilising. It will be ideal if you remember that when you do this, you will remove everything inside KODI which incorporates your additional items, skins, and settings.

Guide To Fix Android TV Box Not Working

  1. Get to your home screen and exit KODI.
  2. Access your Android Settings Screen and open the tab ‘More Settings.’
  3. Access the Apps button and choose KODI option within. This will lead to the opening of new window which will have options menu.
  4. Hit on the ‘Clear Data’ button, and you will now notice that the data size is now zero.
  5. Navigate back to home screen and re-launch KODI.
  6. You should now notice that now the error Android TV Box, not streaming is fixed.


We are now sure that you will not face any error regarding ‘Android TV Box Not Streaming.’ We hope that this guide will be the solution to your problem. If by any chance you face any issue, feel free to reach to us via the comment section down below and we will be happy to help. Do share this article with all your friends and acquaintances – How To Unsinstall KODI Addons?

Best AntiVirus For iPhone

Apple is providing a great security for the iPhone to keep it secured from the cookies and other viruses. It is capable of handling all the malware. But, there are some aspects to which your device is available to be attacked on. It can be the advertisements, web trackers, websites or something grabbing your device. These aspects can be protected by antivirus available for iPhone. So, let us just start the discussion about the antivirus available to provide your iPhone a safeguard from the various malicious websites and other harmful viruses.

  1. Mobile Security & Anti-Theft Protection for iPhone: –
  • All the usual security tools.
  • VPN with URL filter.
  • Provides a Cloud backup.
  • Ad-free surfing.
  • Premium security VPN available for $8.99/month.
  • Effectively maintains the privacy of surfing.

Mobile Security and Anti-theft Protection for iPhone is one the most popular antivirus available for iPhone. It provides the user the usual security tools plus the VPN with URL filter. It provides a great privacy with safe and secure browsing on internet. Though the premium version contains the finest security levels for your iPhone. But, the free version is also capable of securing your iPhone with lots of vulnerabilities and malware software or application.

It provides you the access to VPN as an added plus feature in this antivirus. We would recommend you to go through the 3-days free trail of this antivirus before you buy. It is not so costly to afford, if you want to stay secure and also keep you iPhone secured from virus, you must go through the free trail for an overview. It’s featured in almost every list of best anti-virus apps for iPhone.

  1. Avira Mobile Security: –
  • Blocks malicious websites.
  • Fast alerts for unusual logins of account.
  • Available for free of cost.
  • Keeps you secured online.
  • Automatic backup of contacts to Google Drive.

Avira Mobile Security is also a popular antivirus available for iPhone. It consists of wide range of safeguards such as phishing protection safeguard which blocks all the malicious websites and keep your iPhone totally secured during online mode and identity safeguard that automatically search whether the e-mail address of your friends and yours have been leaked online, if so then it notifies accordingly. It keeps you away from spam mails and this is one the finest step to stay safe and secure online.

It automatically keeps a secured backup of your contact in a Google Drive, it works by mailing the details to yourself due to which it gets save in a Google Drive. Concluding for this antivirus it keeps you protected with a different tactic of multiple layer protection. So, you can download and use this antivirus in your iPhone via the link provided at the end of detail of every antivirus.

2.  Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection: –

  • Regular security checks for the virus.
  • Full-strength identification theft protection.
  • Reviews have been not so great on Store so far.
  • Premium version available for $9.99per month.

Lookout is another very hyped antivirus for iPhone. It automatically carries out regular security checks for the virus and provides the full-strength theft protection. Its premium version is available for $9.99 per month, yup we agree it is a bit costly. Though it provides a wide range of features to the users, but the reviews on the app store have not been so great. Also, when we see the premium version of the antivirus is not available in easily affordable price. We would rather recommend you to try this application after going through another one. You can download the antivirus via the link provided below.

3. McAfee Mobile Security: –

  • Easy to use antivirus.
  • Media protection available.
  • Anti-theft tools are very comprehensive.
  • Similar to the above to antivirus.
  • Nice alternative of the antiviruses discussed above.

McAfee is a great alternative to the antiviruses we have discussed so far. Though it is also a very popular antivirus and also one of the best antivirus when it comes to securing your iPhone. It is loaded with plenty of basic features like blocking the malicious websites and keeping an eye on data being leaked online and many other things. It is easy to use. Simple interface, user friendly view of the antivirus. A special media protection is available in McAfee. Its anti-theft tools are really very efficient and cool. It is available for free of cost, you can download the antivirus from the link provided below.

4. Trend Micro Mobile Security: –

  • Plenty of features loaded in the antivirus.
  • Developed by a big named trusted developer.
  • Anti-theft bundle of features available.
  • Price is little bit high.

Similar to the that of Lookout the price structure of the antivirus is also not so good looking. But, it is really very popular antivirus among the users which provides plenty of features loaded in it. Also, it is developed by trusted big name developer. It consists of Anti-theft bundle which enables locating devices and finds the missing devices via GPS, Wi-fi or cell towers present nearby. You can get all the benefits of this at the rate of $2.99 per month. Prices might have been changed in recent times.

How to Install VPN on Kodi ?

Are you looking for a way to watch movies for free on Kodi but don’t know how to get started?

Do you still want to watch movies for free all day long on Kodi TV? As you might already know that most of the Kodi addons are geo-blocked. But you can bypass all the blocked IPs and enjoy unlimited streaming for free.

The question is – HOW? Well, you need to install a VPN on Kodi. With a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, you can bypass all the blocked IPs and can enjoy movie content anonymously for free.

But hey, I don’t know how to install a VPN service on Kodi. Well guess what, in this guide I’ll guide you step-by-step on how you can install VPN and get started for free. Let’s dive right in!


Why Do I Need to Install VPN for Kodi?

First and foremost, most of the Kodi add-ons are geo-blocked so even if you’ll try to access apps like Netflix, Hulu, BBC or ESPN, you’ll be shown the location error. With installing a VPN, you can bypass all those restrictions and change your locations anonymously to enjoy the content on these apps. Use VPN to protect your privacy and the risk of getting caught in the copyright infringement.

Best VPN for Kodi

There are thousands of VPN service providers and choosing the right provider can be tricky. Here are some of our top picks from the list.

But before you buy any VPN service, you need to keep in mind the speed and privacy of any VPN provider.

  • Some VPNs will drain your ISP speeds to point it to their servers (Avoid it)
  • Make sure your VPN speeds don’t let you buffer other content from the Internet.
  • Most importantly, the VPN you are about to buy should be highly secure and protect your IP from getting public.

In case you are not sure which VPN should you get, I recommend reading this guide to find the best VPN for Kodi, and then continue reading this tutorial for installation steps.

In this guide, I will show you how to install ExpressVPN for Kodi. The steps are same for any VPN service, so even if you want to go for another VPN provider, the same steps will work for your installation process.

It is worth noting that we will be installing the VPN on our device, not inside the Kodi app. So let’s see how to get the VPN privacy on your Kodi streaming device.

How to Install Kodi VPN on Windows?

Step 1: Go to ExpressVPN website – and download .exe file as per your Windows version.

Step 2: Double-Click the downloaded file to start the installation.

Step 3: Follow onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Step 4: Finally enter your login details -> open Kodi app and boom you can now watch movies for free forever.

How to Install Kodi VPN on Mac?

Step 1: Go to the official link and download Kodi for Mac.

Step 2: Next, install ExpressVPN as mentioned above. You will need to download .dmg file for Mac.

Step 3: Finally enter your login details -> open Kodi app and boom you can now watch movies for free forever.

How to Install VPN on iPhone or Android Device?

Step 1: Sign up for an ExpressVPN subscription.

Step 2: Next, download ExpressVPN application from App store / Play Store depending on your device.

Step 3: Now open ExpressVPN and login with your credentials.

Step 4: Connect to any available servers.

Step 5: Finally, launch Kodi on iPhone or iPad and enjoy unrestricted access to channels and add-ons, previously blocked.


I hope you liked this article and now know how to install VPN on Kodi (step-by-step). If you still have any doubts, feel free to share your queries in the comments section below – How To Login To OpenSubtitles On KODI?

How To Install MX Player On Firestick?

The world is slowly and steadily learning the art/technology of going cordless. Amazon Firestick & Roku streaming stick are two excellent examples of all the streaming devices available right now. Although these streaming devices make our lives easier in numerable ways, they lack in terms of powering a flexible video player. For these reasons fire stick users prefer to install a separate video player and the most popular choice is, always, MX Player. In this guide I will explain the advantages and the process of install MX Player on Firestick.

MX Player has earned the popularity it holds when it comes to picking a video player. It is due to unmatchable abilities and simplifies user interface that MX Players has, that it still tops the chart in terms of utility apps. The gesture controls make video playback as convenient as it can get. Other features like pinch zoom, brightness & volume scroller on either sides of the screen – all these make the experience of watching a video on the any device extremely effortless. I’ll leave the rest for you to explore after installing the app.

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How To Install MX Player On Amazon Firestick?

Before I start, please note that the process will involve making changes in the Settings of your Firestick. It would be a plus if you’re familiar with it.

  1. Straightaway open the Settings on your Firestick and select Developer Options. Now you shall see an option, “Apps From Unknown Sources”. You’d wanna switch it on and confirm when a dialogue box appears. What we’ve just done is allowed the firestick permission to download & install apps from external sources.
  2. You need a downloader to download the setup file of MX Player. In order to do that, movie to Home on your firestick and search for any downloader, you have complete freedom to choose any downloader you want.
  3. Open the downloader and enter this URL “”.
  4. This will open the the official website to download MX Player.
  5. If you browse the page, you’ll find a couple of versions of MX Player, select your preferred one and click on it to download.
  6. The MX Player setup file will be downloaded.
  7. Once, downloaded, you’ll be asked to Install or Dismiss. Select Install.
  8. Wait till the installation is completed.

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Your video are now ready to be played on the new MX Player. Enjoy!